"Product designers do much more than make an object​ beautiful. We are advocates of end-users. A good designer can help create and guide ideas into tools for everyday life that holistically resonate with people. These are the products that can enhance and empower lives, whether for work or play." Bob Martinez, Founder & Principal Designer​

RGM Design is an industrial design resource that assists manufacturers, entrepreneurs or inventors to develop product ideas. We can help envision an idea, refine or redesign already-existing products or come up with that "next generation" idea brainstorm. We help generate forward-thinking designs that are both user- and manufacturing-friendly.

Tools for everyday life, whether tangible objects, physical spaces or intangible processes, should serve the physical, cognitive, aesthetic and emotional needs of the people who use them. The net effect of this for an end-user will be an empowering, productive, high-value experience with an efficient and attractive tool.

Design​ for Peoplerepresents our primary conviction in our work: that these tools are intuitive, functional, practical and fit and feel right physically and aesthetically.

We look forward to discussing how we can help advance your vision!​​​

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