"Product designers do much more than make an object​ beautiful. We are advocates of end-users. A good designer can help create and guide ideas into things that holistically resonate with people. These are the products that can enhance and empower lives, whether for work or play."
Bob Martinez, Founder & Principal Designer​

If you are a product manufacturer, 
entrepreneur or inventor in need of developing your idea from scratch, refining or redesigning an existing product or coming up with that "next generation" idea brainstorm, we can help.

​​From consumer products to industrial equipment and just about everything in between, we help our clients generate creative, useful ideas and develop them into highly marketable and manufacturable products of all kinds.

We design for people. In regard to purpose, function, ergonomics and appearance, this is our primary commitment and guideline for designing successful products that, by definition, accommodate the people who use them. 

​​For those people, the effect of our design work is a positive and empowering experience with a useful and attractive tool. For manufacturers, it is a strategic bullseye - a product design precisely configured for a specific customer or market and also able to create, refresh or reinvent a brand.​​ 

Our experience in the practical knowledge of development and manufacturing processes allows us to work effectively with our manufacturing clients to produce forward-thinking designs that are both user- and manufacturing-friendly.​​

We look forward to discussing how we can help advance your vision for your new product!​​​

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