​​But a great idea by itself only creates the parameters for a design embodiment and viable product. It 
still needs to be configured creatively and strategically in order to be truly useful, interesting and attractive to the intended consumer.

Manufacturers are people, too!

 must also be designed as shapes, assemblies and with materials that make sense to manufacturers to execute and produce them efficiently and economically.

​Don't push people at
 ideas…Configure ideas for people!

We design by understanding product users' perceptions, expectations, use behaviors and habits, needs, limitations and preferences.

We design by understanding how people actually interact with your product and others similar to it. 

We design products to fit people both physically and intuitively.​​

We value and leverage dynamic relationships with our clients in designing to their vision, objectives and capabilities.

We embrace engineering and production criteria as potential opportunities for innovative design.​​

​​We pursue designs that are pragmatic while also exploring new paradigms for products and their applications.

At the heart of every product design is "the idea".

​We are IDEA MAKERS, pragmatists about addressing "reality"

with a penchant for asking and pushing for the "what if?".​
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